Our company orginally FABER, COE, & GREGG,
began in 1848 as a tobacconist.
That's back in the days of Abraham Lincoln!

As we became known for our Customer Service and our exceptional assortment of products, we evolved setting up shops in train terminals.

The more the traveling public's needs grew, the more our assortment grew. With the advancement in ground and air transportation, we grew again as the "go to" travelers' store for airports too. We added more and more of our travelers' requested items. Food, snacks, drinks, apparel, books, electronics, health and beauty, toys for the kids, whatever made the trip more fun and loads easier, we had it ready.

Now in 2018, our stores are the state of the art! Our NEWS NOW locations keep our customers up to date with breaking news fed through multiple news feeds on large flat screens. We've not only kept up with our customers' requests, we also treat them to regionalized products that make each location a special visit. Gourmet foods, beautiful apparel, the latest electronics, the hottest toys, and more, all make for great souvenirs and surprise gifts. When you think of how other companies have come and gone, and that we're still so successful, there's no question that we've hit on that special formula for success.
Above: An early photo of a
Faber, Coe, & Gregg
tobacconist shop.
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